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AWS Certification FAQ’s

AWS offers Associate-level certifications for Solutions Architects, SysOps Administrators and Developers. We offer Professional-level certifications for Solutions Architects and DevOps engineers. Additional certifications are in development. See the AWS Certification Roadmap.
A credential is a logo badge and title that you may use on your business cards and other professional collateral to designate yourself as AWS Certified.
AWS Certifications enable individuals to gain recognition for their knowledge and skills in working with AWS services. Additionally, preparing for certification requirements provides an opportunity to expand your expertise working with AWS services.
Individuals must meet specific certification requirements to earn an AWS certification credential. Click here to review details for each certification. Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive your certification credentials.
AWS Certification exams are administered at Kryterion testing centers across the globe. Register online today for your exam appointment.
Kryterion testing centers are located in hundreds of locations across the globe. We continue to bring on new testing centers in the US and Internationally. Contact us if you would like to request a Kryterion testing center near you.
Yes, the registration fee for an Associate Exam is USD 150. The Professional Exam is USD 300.
You must bring two (2) forms of personal identification (ID). Both forms of ID must have your signature, and one of the two forms of ID must have your photo. Valid forms of identification include: driver’s license, passport, or equivalent. Food, laptops, backpacks, notepads, or other personal equipment are NOT allowed in the test area. Individuals who take a Professional exam may request a pencil and paper from the exam proctor, and these materials must be returned to the exam proctor before exiting the exam center. Please note that during the exam check-in process, you will be asked to turn out exterior pockets (on jackets, jeans, slacks, etc.) to verify that the pockets are either empty or that they do not contain any prohibited items. Additionally, external eyewear will be inspected to ensure that it is not technology-enabled.
AWS Certification passing scores are set by using statistical analysis and are subject to change. AWS does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice.
You will receive your exam results on-screen immediately after completing your exam.
If you fail the exam, you can retake the exam subject to the following conditions:

You will receive a certificate stating that you have successfully passed the certification exam. Additionally, once you have completed all requirements for a given certification, you will earn the certification credential and be authorized to use the certification title and logo on your business cards and other professional collateral.
In order to maintain the integrity of the exam, the answers to the test questions are not provided to the test taker. Some high-level feedback is provided to help you understand how you scored in various sections of the exam.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your exam, you can reschedule in your Webassessor account with no fee up to 72 hours prior to your exam appointment. Cancelling or rescheduling an exam less than 72 hours prior is subject to a $75 rescheduling fee. Contact us if you need to reschedule your exam less than 72 hours prior to your appointment. Candidates who miss their scheduled exam appointment will forfeit the exam fee and are not eligible for a refund. You will be able to register again for the exam 24 hours after your missed exam time. Missing the exam does not result in a ‘fail’ status.
Refunds are granted by our exam delivery partner, Kryterion, when you cancel your exam with a 72-hour notice. No other refund requests are granted.
All customers and partners will be required to update their certification (or “recertify”) every two (2) years. View the AWS Certification Recertification page for more details.
Please write to us at info@aws.nanocellnetworks.com